January of 2022 I was diagnosed with Lambert Eaton Myastrnic Syndrome.
It has affected my walking, talking, strength
and much more. So personally I needed something that could afford me the opportunity to earn a good income.  Because of what I found
I am now forming a Simple Income Team and when I say Simple, I mean just that, SIMPLE.

What I needed was something very simple that
I could do on the days I was feeling a little better because many days, I am not.

I am just a man who wanted and needed Simplicity and all I did was write down on a piece of paper the way I would like business to be for me, if I could have it my way meaning, I could fit my unsettling life, into the structure of a company, knowing that not only would it be the best for me, but others as well. When you have health issues, it's not always easy. 

Once I did that, I started my search and luckily for me,  I found it and it was way better than I had hoped for.

And it all comes down to 3 Simple Steps. As Simple as the Steps are, is as Simple as how and why I came up with this.

Thanks for reading about me and
Blessings and Peace to you and your family.  

1)        To work less than 10 hours per week, and do that for 2 companies and do this in the easiest way possible.
2)        All we do is hand out information to a small number of people, 5 days per week.
3)        We never speak to any of those people for more than 30 seconds. We have our reasons why.
4)        We check our e mails and do a few follow ups with those who have contacted us.
5)        We only take part in a company whose products are Internet related or where there is No Mandatory of buying products. Because of this, there are No Quota's to be met. Simply put, the products are there for you to use if you choose to, WHY? Because the main reason you are here is for, INCOME. That's where your focus should be, on income and the Simple way you can achieve Success.
6)        Another Reason We Never Join a company for products is because products don't pay the bills, Income Does. But in this case these products and both companies are 100% solid, and we mean that. But Income pays your bills. Please remember that. The great thing here is, both companies are set up exactly the way we need it to be for Success. We are Lucky and Blessed to be associated with them. We Really Mean That and That's the TRUTH.
7)        We keep it Simple and Inexpensive, WHY? Because we can, and so should you. Simple and Inexpensive is a real good thing.
8)   While there are those who complain everyday that it can't be done, these are the same people who complain everyday about their current job. We just sit back and smile because not only can it be done, we are doing it.
9)  And just so you know, what we just did by getting this information to you, was our job, just like we told you.

That's it,  NO MORE - NO LESS...
                 Please understand that in No Way is this a Get Rich Quick Gimmick. Yes, it is inexpensive and Yes, it can be done simply but please remember,
you have to work it, you need to do it. If you are that lazy that you can't do simple. Please don't take part.

One last note: Many people not only want but personally need simplicity in their lives and this could be for a number of reasons. This company is a wonderful rock solid company who gives you the opportunity to earn a good income and do so in an easy fashion which makes life easier for you and that's a good thing. Enjoy This, Enjoy You and Enjoy Your Life.

To learn those 3 Simple Steps, takes about 90 seconds - to teach them, all you need to do is send them here. Now that's easy.

Below is a link that will take you to what we call the "TEAM 2" PAGE for you to review. This page is about a 90 second read. It will explain company, products and compensation plan and why you should stay focused on income. You Deserve It. Really.

At the end of that page, there will be link to what we call the "TEAM 3" PAGE where it will explain to you the 3 Simple Steps and what  we do to be successful. They are so simple a child can do them and that's the truth. They are so simple that we sometimes say, they look foolish but please understand, people do not want confusion in their lives, they want the two S's in their lives which are, Simple and Successful. Again, this will be about a 90 second read. The information is separated over 3 pages so folks don't jam up their minds with constant reading. We felt it was better to have 3 short pages instead of 1 long page.

This could be fun and you could earn a great income, relax and enjoy life more.  To us, this all seems like a good thing. I hope you agree.

My friends we are promoting 2 great companies. They are 100% rock solid and we mean that They pay on time all of the time. They have great leadership and they even get better as time goes by.

The cost to be a part of these 2 companies are as follows. Company # 1 ($9.95 Per Month.) Company # 2 ($10 Per Month.) For a total of $19.95 Per Month, you can have a place in 2 wonderful companies that offer you the opportunity for great success.

PRODUCTS: The truth is these products are wonderful they really are. What I am trying to say is, these products are there for you to use or not to use and why do I say that. Because you are paying a monthly fee to be part of these companies and the bottom-line is, YOU ARE HERE FOR INCOME - AREN'T YOU MY NEW GOOD FRIEND.

FOCUS ON INCOME: We say that because so many times people get lost in the content of a business website and before long they leave because they just don't understand. We are saying the opposite here, focus on income in the easiest way possible and learn everything else about the company and their products as you go along.

GOALS: What would happen if your only goal would be to find 10 people to invest $19.95 per month in themselves and they do the same and so on and so on. The truth is, YOUR INCOME WOULD EXPLODE MORE THEN YOU COULD OF EVER IMAGINED. 100% THE TRUTH.

We are just reversing the thought process by focusing on income first, and the rest later.

IMPORTANT: We have 2 other pages attached to this website. We have what we call the TEASE on team page 2 along with a few other things. The entire page should take you about 90 seconds to read.

Team page 3 will show you examples of our thinking and the way we work our personal business by doing the following.

a) 3 Simple Steps to Success, the A, B, C Facts of Success.
b) 5 to 25 Rule.
c) 30 Second Rule.

It shows you exactly how we work less then 10 hours per week and how we do that in the easiest way possible.

THIS PAGE AND THE OTHER PAGES: These pages should be used by everyone to send there people to so they can review it. In fact all the pages here on this website are there for you to send your people to and so on and so on, so everyone could review them.

THERE ARE NO CONTACTS OR EMAILS ON THESE PAGES. We do this so you can feel safe that No one can steal your people. Once they review everything, if they choose to move on, they would need to contact you at the e-mail address you provided them with, on the flyer or card when you handed out the information to them. This 3 page site was done for our team members and yours as well.

Just focus on income and 5, 10 or more people. What I am saying now is 100% the Truth. There are those who have went out and brought in over 100 people. That is 100% the TRUTH and their income is going to be through the roof, and they know it. Just today while writing this information out for this website, the company that cost $9.95 per month has a member who went out and got 546 people to join. I wonder if he will need help going to the bank. LOL

IMPORTANT FOR RIGHT NOW: Read the next 2 pages. Understand what is being presented there to you.

This could be as simple as, walking up to someone, saying hello, handing them the information and walking away. You will learn that in example B, "5 to 25 Rule"  and example C "30 Second Rule" on the next page. And as far as example A, all that is - 1. Join the Company. 2. Never Quit. 3. Make sure everyone else does the same. If everyone did just that and nothing else, everyone including you can possibly have great success.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. When reviewing these pages, please do so from a computer or lab-top because sometimes it will not appear on a cell phone. Tell everyone that.

Below is the link to Team Page 2 for you to review and when you are done reviewing all the pages, please contact the person who gave you this information as you will do the same and so on and so on.

Thank you for reviewing these pages and hope you become part of our Simple Yet, Strong, Income Team.

Blessings and Peace to You and Your Family

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